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  • D: 2022-09-27 17:03:01
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ReScene version pyReScene Auto 0.7 MASCHiNE File size CRC
Stored files
6,300 59EA12D8
442 E033524B
msn-stalobi.rar 50,000,000 838947E2
msn-stalobi.r00 50,000,000 6F1C54C2
msn-stalobi.r01 50,000,000 35AF9495
msn-stalobi.r02 50,000,000 B2271701
msn-stalobi.r03 50,000,000 ECBA4C19
msn-stalobi.r04 50,000,000 06324414
msn-stalobi.r05 50,000,000 1F43BA4B
msn-stalobi.r06 50,000,000 7C26D4A6
msn-stalobi.r07 50,000,000 CAED9473
msn-stalobi.r08 50,000,000 C9162C95
msn-stalobi.r09 50,000,000 19AA9EAD
msn-stalobi.r10 50,000,000 6CE32C4C
msn-stalobi.r11 50,000,000 8CEE98E9
msn-stalobi.r12 50,000,000 673669F5
msn-stalobi.r13 50,000,000 555B76B0
msn-stalobi.r14 50,000,000 54307FAC
msn-stalobi.r15 16,906,867 3B4E941E

Total size: 816,906,867
Archived files
Instruments\Disturbance 1.nki 22,964 5D91C3DF
Instruments\Disturbance 2.nki 22,985 23D0831D
Instruments\Disturbance 3.nki 23,017 5145BB7E
Instruments\Disturbance 4.nki 22,985 1824EAA2
Instruments\Disturbance 5.nki 22,993 0595CE5E
Instruments\Disturbance 6.nki 22,991 1BA3039D
Instruments\Disturbance 7.nki 23,021 773D295D
Instruments\Disturbance All.nki 27,185 EAF2706F
Instruments\Found Sounds.nki 25,220 D954578F
Instruments\Init.nki 22,550 F61857F0
Instruments\Piano Hit and Keys.nki 25,475 54069A59
Instruments\Piano Keys 01.nki 22,895 BE659181
Instruments\Piano Keys 02.nki 22,898 8ED60C1A
Instruments\Piano Keys 03.nki 22,913 ECCE7162
Instruments\Piano Keys 04.nki 22,899 DC1507B0
Instruments\Piano Keys 05.nki 22,923 087AAE33
Instruments\Piano Keys 06.nki 22,931 D9084638
Instruments\Piano Keys 07.nki 22,934 6DE759E4
Instruments\Piano Keys 08.nki 22,931 0F708C94
Instruments\Piano Keys 09.nki 23,002 AE882A88
Instruments\Piano Loops.nki 31,637 BD65DAA4
Instruments\Sound Design 1.nki 25,998 886DDE3F
Instruments\Sound Design 2.nki 26,106 82657AF8
Instruments\Stutter 01.nki 23,078 B0B73EB9
Instruments\Stutter 02.nki 23,075 3B68D974
Instruments\Stutter 03.nki 23,117 F3C3687E
Instruments\Stutter 04.nki 23,101 14419712
Instruments\Stutter 05.nki 23,126 E54D0437
Instruments\Stutter 06.nki 23,143 2AC9E56A
Instruments\Sync 01.nki 23,063 6F3BCEC2
Instruments\Sync 02.nki 23,054 25D708E4
Instruments\Texture 1.nki 22,892 F69E3C03
Instruments\Texture 2.nki 22,863 70607A81
Instruments\Textures All.nki 25,054 05BE324E
Resources\pictures\background.png 428,492 2A6D1964
Resources\pictures\button_dyn_stat.png 16,967 E0CAD867
Resources\pictures\button_dyn_stat.txt 178 ABB9A452
Resources\pictures\button_full_vel.png 15,464 4703B304
Resources\pictures\button_full_vel.txt 178 ABB9A452
Resources\pictures\button_global.png 16,665 120B7F70
Resources\pictures\button_global.txt 178 ABB9A452
Resources\pictures\button_global_fake.png 3,842 0C98E9E2
Resources\pictures\button_global_fake.txt 178 FACEEF08
Resources\pictures\button_random.png 2,753 39E1E9DB
Resources\pictures\button_random.txt 178 ABB9A452
Resources\pictures\button_random_fake.png 524 FBED4A77
Resources\pictures\button_random_fake.txt 178 FACEEF08
Resources\pictures\knob_bipolar.png 543,685 C9DBB710
Resources\pictures\knob_bipolar.txt 180 16542F66
Resources\pictures\knob_filters.png 533,831 1DF8FD04
Resources\pictures\knob_filters.txt 180 16542F66
Resources\pictures\knob_random.png 1,146,181 B03B3C29
Resources\pictures\knob_random.txt 180 16542F66
Resources\pictures\knob_random_fake.png 12,324 9FD039A3
Resources\pictures\knob_random_fake.txt 178 FACEEF08
Resources\pictures\lfo_switch.png 7,711 989F8E90
Resources\pictures\lfo_switch.txt 178 ABB9A452
Resources\pictures\rectangle_select.png 4,526 3AE3424A
Resources\pictures\rectangle_select.txt 178 FACEEF08
Resources\pictures\sampletraxx_logo.png 2,609 B4483111
Resources\pictures\sample_start.png 51,919 1200BC58
Resources\pictures\sample_start.txt 180 16542F66
Resources\pictures\sawtooth_select.png 4,539 A501A074
Resources\pictures\sawtooth_select.txt 178 FACEEF08
Resources\pictures\sine_select.png 4,349 40199FB8
Resources\pictures\sine_select.txt 178 FACEEF08
Resources\pictures\slider_AHDSR.png 217,683 34782FE8
Resources\pictures\slider_AHDSR.txt 180 16542F66
Resources\pictures\slider_horizontal.png 218,205 2C4CEE06
Resources\pictures\slider_horizontal.txt 180 16542F66
Resources\pictures\switch_dyn_stat.png 12,332 A9703B0F
Resources\pictures\switch_dyn_stat.txt 178 ABB9A452
Resources\pictures\transparent_lfo_menu.png 3,189 B0B32745
Resources\pictures\transparent_lfo_menu.txt 178 FACEEF08
Resources\pictures\triangle_select.png 4,506 2B145769
Resources\pictures\triangle_select.txt 178 FACEEF08
Resources\scripts\Sampletraxx.txt 79,826 24D2A07E
Samples\01 Sound Design\Boom_Bowl.wav 3,672,116 88CD741F
Samples\01 Sound Design\Bowl_Drag and Spin 01.wav 2,434,270 426BE71A
Samples\01 Sound Design\Bowl_Drag and Spin 02.wav 1,361,398 A2C1D826
Samples\01 Sound Design\Bowl_Drag and Spin 03.wav 1,711,936 D9D40ABD
Samples\01 Sound Design\Bowl_Drag and Spin 04.wav 1,778,290 93491576
Samples\01 Sound Design\Bowl_Drag and Spin 05.wav 2,422,192 EA9CBC2A
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dark Metal Hit_Mad Max 01.wav 3,279,358 B6CE2ACB
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dark Metal Hit_Mad Max 02.wav 2,936,080 C357CE55
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dark Metal Hit_Mad Max 03.wav 950,794 849E9C2E
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dark Metal Hit_Mad Max 04.wav 2,300,542 F5D0DFAD
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dark Metal Hit_Mad Max 05.wav 2,048,656 72C5C433
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dark Metal Hit_Mad Max 06.wav 2,710,786 2CB8984D
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dark Metal Hit_Mad Max 07.wav 2,793,418 1C589218
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 01.wav 3,266,560 CD8DD509
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 02.wav 2,803,246 61976BF3
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 03.wav 3,278,848 E6C8BACF
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 05.wav 2,796,604 9C55FC32
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 06.wav 3,499,120 9DF95D1D
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 07.wav 2,869,366 6E889721
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 08.wav 3,296,974 405FC1D5
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 09.wav 3,651,796 74136FBD
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 10.wav 2,706,934 60792C04
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 11.wav 4,071,394 18C4A9A6
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 12.wav 4,037,290 433C4B27
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 13.wav 2,424,556 465DBEF8
Samples\01 Sound Design\Deep Boom 14.wav 3,132,298 ED7D74F7
Samples\01 Sound Design\Drag Metal Bar 01.wav 1,552,600 631272A8
Samples\01 Sound Design\Drag Metal Bar 02.wav 2,163,958 E473C8CB
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dragged Trunk_.wav 2,973,538 A0A6E048
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dragged_Sting_Mega Drawer 01.wav 804,358 E15B7F05
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dragged_Sting_Mega Drawer 02.wav 2,128,300 184389DD
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dragged_Sting_Mega Drawer 03.wav 2,956,618 9CF3B81A
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dragged_Sting_Mega Drawer 04.wav 1,172,770 701623CD
Samples\01 Sound Design\Dragged_Sting_Mega Drawer 05.wav 1,467,052 9DD3417D
Samples\01 Sound Design\Fast Rip 01.wav 1,512,226 F9A3F59E
Samples\01 Sound Design\Fast Rip 02.wav 3,682,342 CA9AE4F3
Samples\01 Sound Design\Fast Rip 03.wav 2,197,054 C81930B5
Samples\01 Sound Design\Fast Rip 04.wav 2,620,852 21CF5B9E
Samples\01 Sound Design\Fast Rip 05.wav 1,767,664 0FAAD6F0
Samples\01 Sound Design\Fast Rip 06.wav 2,947,282 CAC2B2A4
Samples\01 Sound Design\Fast Rip 07.wav 1,914,172 ED3A96B7
Samples\01 Sound Design\Fast Rip 08.wav 4,682,506 989FFF07
Samples\01 Sound Design\Full On_Distorted Elements 01.wav 3,079,564 A3F1664D
Samples\01 Sound Design\Full On_Distorted Elements 02.wav 2,865,514 7F9256D1
Samples\01 Sound Design\Full On_Explosive 01.wav 1,571,434 B89108FB
Samples\01 Sound Design\Full On_Explosive 02.wav 5,036,158 BD6AF804
Samples\01 Sound Design\Low Hit_Dirty Rips 01.wav 1,812,040 A8F93C32
Samples\01 Sound Design\Low Hit_Dirty Rips 02.wav 1,750,984 A37C0E6B
Samples\01 Sound Design\Low Hit_Slow Bullet 01.wav 2,821,012 81FFB250
Samples\01 Sound Design\Low Hit_Slow Bullet 02.wav 2,553,304 ABB36DE1
Samples\01 Sound Design\Low Hit_Soft Disto 01.wav 3,203,464 AB672F9A
Samples\01 Sound Design\Low Hit_Soft Disto 02.wav 1,804,828 133FF30F
Samples\01 Sound Design\Metal Snare 01.wav 1,269,346 85CE4543
Samples\01 Sound Design\Metal Snare 02.wav 1,247,656 693632E3
Samples\01 Sound Design\Monster Drawer 01.wav 561,100 ACF44009
Samples\01 Sound Design\Monster Drawer 02.wav 533,764 ED90A791
Samples\01 Sound Design\Monster Drawer 03.wav 532,288 2B1AD1D7
Samples\01 Sound Design\Monster Flap 01.wav 1,487,350 7B29990B
Samples\01 Sound Design\Monster Flap 02.wav 2,174,350 B8FF7B88
Samples\01 Sound Design\Movement_Trunk 01.wav 2,905,510 775049DE
Samples\01 Sound Design\Movement_Trunk 02.wav 2,382,628 AE0E8263
Samples\01 Sound Design\Movement_Trunk 03.wav 2,934,808 57E3FFAB
Samples\01 Sound Design\Movement_Trunk 04.wav 2,722,756 0BDF9A55
Samples\01 Sound Design\Movement_Trunk 05.wav 887,338 6107422F
Samples\01 Sound Design\Movement_Trunk 06.wav 2,437,270 D202EF1A
Samples\01 Sound Design\Movement_Trunk 07.wav 4,009,978 50B6DA13
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse Stinger 03.wav 2,739,052 E60EBF14
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse Stinger 08.wav 914,518 4AEAFD83
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reversed Logo 01.wav 1,063,348 338ED51E
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Dark End 01.wav 4,619,050 384DE3F4
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Dark End 02.wav 4,211,956 27F8FC86
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Dark End 03.wav 5,311,708 4F763DA0
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Dark End 04.wav 4,489,306 EFCBCA6E
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Modern Talks 01.wav 2,222,890 BFB15CE7
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Modern Talks 02.wav 2,669,368 FA6FA264
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Modern Talks 03.wav 2,875,492 43301B41
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Modern Talks 04.wav 2,243,470 CC8D8BF1
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Modern Talks 05.wav 2,614,492 38E273F3
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Modern Talks 06.wav 2,365,258 B5542911
Samples\01 Sound Design\Reverse_Modern Talks 07.wav 2,751,754 BB72475C
Samples\01 Sound Design\Sting_Monster Drawer 01.wav 1,793,134 2A637246
Samples\01 Sound Design\Sting_Monster Drawer 02.wav 3,521,524 5BBA975B
Samples\01 Sound Design\Sting_Monster Drawer 03.wav 2,310,644 094C62BA
Samples\01 Sound Design\Sting_Monster Drawer 04.wav 2,540,240 90445571
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Arpeggio_Piano.wav 2,200,084 44C2A94C
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Designed Piano_Tonal Hit 01_F.wav 2,524,990 DFB155A7
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Designed Piano_Tonal Hit 02_G.wav 3,693,136 EEC72740
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Designed Piano_Tonal Hit 03_Ab.wav 3,762,760 9D1B3C18
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Designed Piano_Tonal Hit 04_A.wav 2,807,440 157C21C1
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Designed Piano_Tonal Hit 05_Db.wav 2,591,200 B3ACC7E6
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Designed Piano_Tonal Hit 06_A.wav 2,425,480 528FACFC
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Designed Piano_Tonal Hit 07_C.wav 1,816,546 34630342
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Designed Piano_Tonal Hit 08_Db.wav 3,215,458 03CFD03A
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Designed Piano_Tonal Hit 10_Ab.wav 3,051,964 7F82ED58
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 01.wav 2,370,526 67D7C286
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 02.wav 1,529,038 ABAE2A19
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 03.wav 4,143,166 45889DF9
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 04.wav 1,580,944 F155E528
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 05.wav 2,438,590 EF0F6720
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 06.wav 1,936,330 D42CFBEB
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 07.wav 3,238,234 5A8F065D
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 08.wav 2,075,308 C44F9DE0
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 09.wav 1,917,646 B2A5A4D1
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 10.wav 1,154,734 D361B189
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Hit_Tortured Piano 11.wav 1,823,908 52653CE5
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Designed Keys 01_A.wav 2,778,796 941BDF72
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Designed Keys 02_B.wav 3,098,056 F5074671
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Designed Keys 03_B.wav 2,448,994 3FE73D4D
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Designed Keys 04_E.wav 1,850,302 299F6C4A
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Designed Keys 05_Bb.wav 1,710,280 31105F0B
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Designed Keys 06_Eb.wav 1,761,040 B8643133
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Single Notes 01 E_Eb.wav 879,370 1445737E
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Single Notes 05 Db.wav 3,499,360 A88D842D
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Single Notes 06 F.wav 1,740,190 BD07DD4C
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Single Notes 07 C.wav 1,027,630 A287EB4E
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Single Notes 08 Eb.wav 873,784 CEA3B431
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\Piano Single Notes 09 D.wav 642,910 A0859296
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys\_Piano Phrase.wav 3,772,048 A149386D
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\1 Piano Loop 77 bpm.wav 1,799,422 2AE24C46
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\10 Piano Loop 98 bpm.wav 1,410,662 D7A11D00
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\11 Piano Loop 100 bpm.wav 2,768,896 74CC62C1
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\12 Piano Loop 90 bpm.wav 1,540,096 AE12D79F
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\13 Piano Loop 110 bpm.wav 2,517,556 E625DF7C
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\14 Piano Loop 115 bpm.wav 2,408,272 20904B3E
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\15 Piano Loop 119 bpm.wav 1,161,728 0CF83024
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\16 Piano Loop 85 bpm.wav 1,626,398 991B8448
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\17 Piano Loop 129 bpm.wav 2,211,884 B1186B5F
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\18 Piano Loop 135 bpm.wav 2,048,048 3821BE63
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\19 Piano Loop 135 bpm.wav 8,196,112 795A73F8
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\2 Piano Loop 78 bpm.wav 3,544,664 54A05C70
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\20 Piano Loop 100 bpm.wav 1,382,444 16B44384
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\21 Piano Loop 94 bpm.wav 2,945,380 1AA49A16
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\22 Piano Loop 102 bpm.wav 1,342,184 3A66EA30
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\23 Piano Loop 144 bpm.wav 1,920,044 9AAF515A
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\24 Piano Loop 153 bpm.wav 3,614,162 AF94514D
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\25 Piano Loop 106 bpm.wav 2,612,404 1183BB49
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\26 Piano Loop 163 bpm.wav 6,784,832 097E74CF
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\27 Piano Loop 93 bpm.wav 2,972,948 1767BEF3
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\28 Piano Loop 92 bpm.wav 3,009,316 FA27FBDE
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\29 Piano Loop 95 bpm.wav 2,910,362 52FA0526
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\3 Piano Loop 84 bpm.wav 3,295,528 49558076
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\30 Piano Loop 97 bpm.wav 1,425,200 10C5EDD7
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\31 Piano Loop 132 bpm.wav 1,047,320 35B1BB02
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\32 Piano Loop 141 bpm.wav 1,960,898 755DB8FF
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\33 Piano Loop 150 bpm.wav 921,644 1DDC3E84
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\34 Piano Loop 150 bpm.wav 921,644 7BFC9F3E
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\35 Piano Loop 160 bpm.wav 1,728,044 D10AB33C
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\36 Piano Loop 90 bpm.wav 1,536,044 7CF6ADA3
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\37 Piano Loop 70 bpm.wav 3,953,812 533F2185
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\38 Piano Loop 70 bpm.wav 987,476 3C1B5A5F
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\39 Piano Loop 70 bpm.wav 1,974,902 2BC103E8
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\4 Piano Loop 82 bpm.wav 3,375,808 0D34AAFC
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\40 Piano Loop 75 bpm.wav 1,843,244 EE791144
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\41 Piano Loop 83 bpm.wav 1,669,648 AD3DDB05
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\42 Piano Loop 120 bpm.wav 1,152,044 EDD27DF6
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\43 Piano Loop 120 bpm.wav 1,152,044 42FD6DF7
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\44 Piano Loop 126 bpm.wav 1,097,192 EF7A1348
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\5 Piano Loop 86 bpm.wav 3,218,980 1EFE674F
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\6 Piano Loop 89 bpm.wav 1,553,306 A23275D5
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\7 Piano Loop 100 bpm.wav 2,764,844 D413C900
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\8 Piano Loop 96 bpm.wav 1,440,044 CE6F458D
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops\9 Piano Loop 89 bpm.wav 780,724 01630B55
Samples\04 Disturbance\Alarm_Sweet Toxin 01.wav 1,196,716 A498DCB7
Samples\04 Disturbance\Alarm_Sweet Toxin 02.wav 2,417,002 48138DC4
Samples\04 Disturbance\Alarm_Sweet Toxin 03.wav 2,246,182 5471CCC6
Samples\04 Disturbance\Alarm_Sweet Toxin 04.wav 2,559,358 C58EB71D
Samples\04 Disturbance\Blast_Heavy 01.wav 1,147,366 1ED3B9C0
Samples\04 Disturbance\Blast_Heavy 02.wav 2,119,390 92F9801D
Samples\04 Disturbance\Blast_Heavy 03.wav 1,964,920 B95B6AA3
Samples\04 Disturbance\Blast_Heavy 04.wav 650,134 3D5BBF56
Samples\04 Disturbance\Blast_Heavy 05.wav 1,502,818 B6849424
Samples\04 Disturbance\Blast_Heavy 06.wav 2,360,842 F55482F4
Samples\04 Disturbance\Blast_Heavy 07.wav 2,228,458 16833CC7
Samples\04 Disturbance\Danger_Soft Alarm 01.wav 2,155,228 5960D81A
Samples\04 Disturbance\Danger_Soft Alarm 02.wav 1,949,062 D7500C1F
Samples\04 Disturbance\Danger_Soft Alarm 03.wav 877,588 6B71B98F
Samples\04 Disturbance\Danger_Soft Alarm 04.wav 1,183,744 DCDB11ED
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 01.wav 6,021,298 3FC37528
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 02.wav 4,681,198 CCC0C727
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 03.wav 3,007,276 435A46D9
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 04.wav 1,822,012 65EA5526
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 05.wav 1,309,834 627278C7
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 06.wav 3,408,286 20293A29
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 07.wav 2,529,172 A4157FCC
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 08.wav 2,640,400 80EAF4F2
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 09.wav 1,992,244 246618F9
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 10.wav 841,522 315AE8BC
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 11.wav 3,674,440 A1BA1B60
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 12.wav 4,545,718 AEC13743
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 13.wav 2,199,140 9507BBF0
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 14.wav 4,291,270 D09A297D
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 15.wav 4,978,876 7E184248
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 16.wav 3,728,668 F7DC8500
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 17.wav 1,905,634 1C07C613
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 18.wav 4,809,658 D3BCDF59
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 19.wav 5,780,026 0DACD924
Samples\04 Disturbance\Interference 20.wav 2,327,776 4417930D
Samples\04 Disturbance\Loop 120 Bpm_Digital Alarm.wav 4,608,044 855810B9
Samples\04 Disturbance\Loop_120 Bpm_Serum Pierce.wav 576,044 E53CBF19
Samples\04 Disturbance\Old Car Horn 01.wav 1,681,112 E3744665
Samples\04 Disturbance\Old Car Horn 02.wav 1,599,938 A244D691
Samples\04 Disturbance\Projector.wav 11,994,496 23FBBC3F
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Background 01.wav 6,916,096 890F08A1
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Background 02.wav 6,916,096 03DD3DCC
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Background 03.wav 6,916,096 9A1E8DCA
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Background 04.wav 6,916,096 8E432E23
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Background 05.wav 6,916,096 029CDDAC
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Background 06.wav 6,916,096 E0FD171D
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Background 07.wav 6,916,096 6DB13592
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Background 08.wav 6,916,096 12192D69
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Static_Crackle 01.wav 3,067,144 1DF6B8BE
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Static_Crackle 02.wav 2,585,992 DB7F528D
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Static_Crackle 03.wav 796,286 2D52EA63
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Static_Crackle 04.wav 1,119,134 98872182
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Static_Crackle 05.wav 933,380 53A3A561
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Static_Crackle 06.wav 1,881,524 FDDFB150
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Static_Crackle 07.wav 4,161,268 19337FC9
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Static_Crackle 08.wav 6,284,548 7D93E05C
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Static_Crackle 09.wav 2,817,094 DB1155C8
Samples\04 Disturbance\Radio Noise_Static_Crackle 10.wav 434,728 3883D90D
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Perc_Japan 01.wav 1,232,656 A604CB92
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Perc_Japan 02.wav 959,572 429E1A76
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Perc_Japan 03.wav 1,154,552 FFA1045B
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Perc_Japan 04.wav 1,099,262 66BE354A
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Perc_Japan 05.wav 1,589,762 2FD25B02
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Roof Tiles.wav 844,798 CB91E170
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Timpani_Bouncing Ball_Low 01.wav 1,962,880 14D6F573
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Timpani_Bouncing Ball_Low 02.wav 1,803,574 C2BBF255
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Timpani_Random Objects 01.wav 364,558 77270AAA
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Timpani_Random Objects 02.wav 371,002 9A6563A4
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Timpani_Random Objects 03.wav 499,558 AEDA779B
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Timpani_Random Objects 04.wav 421,900 DD161A5F
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Timpani_Random Objects 06.wav 404,104 3F18A45B
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Typewriter Bits 01.wav 211,948 BCC4AF78
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Typewriter Bits 02.wav 196,114 0C5C50F0
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Typewriter Bits 03.wav 275,080 460BD7FE
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Typewriter Bits 04.wav 167,398 9C6CEDB6
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Typewriter Bits 05.wav 142,600 84E9070E
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Typewriter Bits 06.wav 577,348 C1EBDBBB
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Typewriter Bits 07.wav 898,502 6CFE218D
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Typewriter Bits 08.wav 893,330 6EEE13FB
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Typewriter Sequence.wav 3,192,160 592BD127
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Wood Crack 01.wav 641,416 415CECFF
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Wood Crack 02.wav 898,336 9CA1BF6A
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Wood Crack 03.wav 846,052 19750994
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Wood Crack 04.wav 634,432 B6EDC99B
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Wood Crack 05.wav 801,592 BB8A93EF
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Wood Crack 06.wav 828,562 B1D75AAF
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Wood Crack 07.wav 930,436 D0D4D53A
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Wood Crack 08.wav 946,276 BCAEA51E
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Wood Crack 09.wav 947,188 F3890047
Samples\05 Found Sounds\Wood Crack 10.wav 639,154 48B87A97
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dark Atmos 01.wav 2,023,846 B549BCA6
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dark Atmos 02.wav 3,712,318 60BCF123
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dark Atmos 03.wav 1,147,402 39234A55
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dark Atmos 04.wav 3,588,802 E5579175
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dark Atmos 05.wav 3,088,384 DDB9D1E6
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dark Atmos 06.wav 3,034,306 B0A8780A
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dragged Stool 01.wav 2,189,110 5FC7067A
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dragged Stool 02.wav 3,994,120 F327E592
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dragged Stool 03.wav 2,850,472 225D6D5B
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dragged Stool 04.wav 3,100,654 22A3E686
Samples\06 Textures\Sweep_Dragged Stool 05.wav 2,803,720 97043F3A
Samples\06 Textures\Tension Riser 01.wav 3,479,770 AFCD7D60
Samples\06 Textures\Tension Riser 02.wav 15,785,974 9BB94272
Samples\06 Textures\Tension Riser 03.wav 6,306,958 A46783BA
Samples\06 Textures\Tension Riser 04.wav 4,025,572 FDBA6D49
Samples\06 Textures\Tension Riser 05.wav 4,612,720 AF730F5A
Samples\06 Textures\Tension Riser 06.wav 8,497,096 BB29114E
Samples\06 Textures\Tension Riser 07.wav 7,607,332 73B80A99
Samples\06 Textures\Tension Riser 08.wav 6,603,214 252B98C5
Samples\06 Textures\Texture Bouncing Metals 01.wav 11,084,272 0E9F9209
Samples\06 Textures\Texture Bouncing Metals 02.wav 3,282,046 59AED189
Samples\06 Textures\Texture Bouncing Metals 03.wav 3,137,332 FC5D72CC
Samples\06 Textures\Texture Bouncing Metals 04.wav 5,003,092 3775CB6D
Samples\06 Textures\Texture Drone 01.wav 20,641,792 EACA6543
Samples\06 Textures\Texture Drone 02.wav 11,188,594 8CBB820C
Samples\06 Textures\Texture Drone 03.wav 19,675,114 DC1D8ADE
Samples\06 Textures\Texture Drone 04.wav 9,662,218 C2DA6FCC
Samples\06 Textures\Texture Drone 05.wav 5,043,286 E51617F0
Sampletraxx.nkc 236 D5B7FE27
Sampletraxx.nkr 258 CFE2ED22
Resources\data 0 00000000
Resources\ir_samples 0 00000000
Resources\pictures 0 00000000
Resources\scripts 0 00000000
Samples\01 Sound Design 0 00000000
Samples\02 Old Piano Hit and Keys 0 00000000
Samples\03 Old Piano Loops 0 00000000
Samples\04 Disturbance 0 00000000
Samples\05 Found Sounds 0 00000000
Samples\06 Textures 0 00000000
Data 0 00000000
Instruments 0 00000000
Resources 0 00000000
Samples 0 00000000

Total size: 793,139,789
RAR Recovery
Present (Protect+) 23,735,514
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