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Download srrGUI v1.2.1
By Gfy on 2018-04-19 12:55:01


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The srrDB release lister plugin!
We have created an amazing plugin for all of you movie fans out there!
The plugin will give you a list of releases for a specific movie, tv-series or something else, when browsing imdb.com.
The plugin works in most browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
Download the release lister plugin.

Install instructions
Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera
  1. Download the plugin above (right click and save-as!)
  2. Open chrome://extensions
  3. Locate the file in your computer and drag the downloaded plugin into the extension page
  4. Done
  1. Download and install the Greasmonkey plugin here Greasemonkey :: Add-ons for Firefox
  2. Download and install our plugin above
  3. Done
Opera (old)
  1. Download (save) the plugin and put it in any directory that you remember
  2. Go to preferences (Ctrl + F12) -> Advanced (tab) -> Content (4th element, left menu)
  3. Go into JavaScript Options -> under "User JavaScript folder", choose the directory where you saved the plugin
  4. Done
Safari (Windows)
  1. Download and install the Ninjakit plugin here NinjaKit.safariextz
  2. Download and install our plugin above
  3. Done

Imdb plugin


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