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Below is a list of all keywords that is available for you, in your current state. Logging in could make you see more options.
These search keywords also works in the api.

r: The_Avengers_Battle_for_Earth_PAL_WiiU-VENOM (direct match of a releasename, faster than a normal search, used best in api)
date: 2017-08-20 (the date of which an srr was added to the db)
nfo: yes | no
srs: yes | no | broken
foreign: yes | no (wheter the release is a foreign (non-english) release or not)
confirmed: yes | no
rarhash: e8455aaed5a92a24b10dad9d4802f4aeef04d38c (a unique string generated based on the set of rar-files in the release)
category: unknown | tv | xvid | x264 | dvdr | xxx | pc | ngc | wii | 3ds | nds | xbox360 | xbox | ps3 | psp | complete+bluray | wmv | subpack | apps | game | flac | mp3 | mvid | wiiu | ps4 | xboxone | psv | nsw | gba | gbc | gizmondo | gp32 | ngage | ngp | tapwave+zodiac | ws | ebook | scene+notice | n64 | psx | ps2 | dc | cover | ogg | remux
imdb: tt0289043 | 0289043 | 0000000
genre: action (etc...)
language: burmese (etc...)
country: kazakhstan (etc...)
archive-crc: 3D7C3182 (searches on the CRC of a file archived within the RARs)
isdbhash: db7b7928f550789c (searches on ISDb (Internet Subtitles Database) hash)
lower: yes (lists release names that are all lower case)
firstupper: yes (some of these releases aren't badly named)
compressed: yes | no (whether or not the archive was created using compression)
skip: 100 (skip over X releases in the result)
skipr: 200.10 (skip over X releases in the result and show Y results)
store-real-filename: rfta-matrix-sample.avi (file name stored inside the srs)
store-real-crc: b177cc14 (CRC32 of the complete sample)


Small search API
Example usage:
  • http://www.srrdb.com/api/search/harry/potter/category:xvid/foreign:no
  • http://www.srrdb.com/api/search/imdb:0295297
  • http://www.srrdb.com/api/search/group:LOL/order:date-desc
  • http://www.srrdb.com/api/search/r:Harry.Potter.And.The.Chamber.Of.Secrets.2002.DVDRip.XViD-iNTERNAL-TDF
  • http://www.srrdb.com/api/search/archive-crc:0053CA13
  • http://www.srrdb.com/api/search/country:Belgium/language:Dutch/order:date-asc