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Paul Berthier, an ambitious public prosecutor, is witness to the accidental drowning of a young girl in the Charente but does nothing to help. It starts to look like the girl was murdered, and the case lands on Berthier's desk. Suspicion turns to Guillaume Vauban, the rich son of a local industrialist and ex-boyfriend of the dead girl. Paul Berthier finds himself entangled in a web of lies as he opens the case against Guillaume, who has now been arrested. With a conscience far from clear, Berthier agrees with the judge's decision to remand the young man in custody. Through cowardice Berthier clings to his reputation, determined to save face at any cost. Drunk with judicial power, he's caught in a downward spiral.


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1,448 8CCD5657
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the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.rar 50,000,000 4B231F13
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r00 50,000,000 84C03B75
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r01 50,000,000 A8D5AEE6
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r02 50,000,000 825EAE21
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r03 50,000,000 002C75FB
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r04 50,000,000 B77D2695
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r05 50,000,000 AA272B6E
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r06 50,000,000 02C8DC44
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r07 50,000,000 C130575A
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r08 50,000,000 6709442D
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r09 50,000,000 674B3E27
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r10 50,000,000 178894DE
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r11 50,000,000 5373E7E1
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r12 50,000,000 FC4FC8D1
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r13 50,000,000 D8315096
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r14 50,000,000 89602609
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r15 50,000,000 6C56DC68
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r16 50,000,000 B2E1549A
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r17 50,000,000 20B1340B
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r18 50,000,000 6BE2351D
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r19 50,000,000 01273F2B
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r20 50,000,000 1C14DCEB
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r21 50,000,000 4A045845
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r22 50,000,000 5B0319FC
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r23 50,000,000 3FB0F210
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r24 50,000,000 2856B7B2
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r25 50,000,000 51DD21EB
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r26 50,000,000 150099EB
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r27 50,000,000 F6CB6403
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r28 50,000,000 BA19E178
the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.r29 18,422,779 46384B38

Total size: 1,518,422,779
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The.Dark.Side.2016.WEB.H264-MEGABOX.mkv [1ceb2c837512982a] 1,518,419,183 99EF5CB2
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the.dark.side.2016.web.h264-megabox.sample.mkv 16,730,704 3AE52723
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